AIM Tuning is founded on Gasoline Alley in Indianapolis.  We venture out with a vision of a high performance facility that offers quality products and services at reasonable prices.  Moreover, we have a passion for forging relationships thru cars.

The vision comes fully to fruition; for over two decades, we are honored and humbled to meet some of the finest people with some of the coolest cars on the planet.


The physical shop is relocated to a remote location deep in the back country Indiana woods.

We leverage our expertise with NA and NB Miata platforms by offering specialized Miata Megasquirt tuning.  All work is performed to the client’s exact specifications; no generic calibrations here.  Our experience with this platform dates to 2009, and it is now our sole focus.

In conclusion, we are pleased to continue offering our products and services to the community.  Above all, we want to be your only Miata tuning shop.  We’re looking forward to forging a solid relationship with you and your car.  Let us know how we can help.

About Shane

Shane Benson is no stranger to the Miata community, extracting every last ounce of performance from these cars for over two decades.  Exploring and tuning all aspects of optimization, from suspension and chassis to forced induction, standalone ECUs, and everything in between is his passion.  In addition, his motorsports experience spans over 20 years and includes road racing, autocross, time trials, rally, oval track, drag strip and drift, as well as driving instruction.

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