Today’s engine management systems are a far cry from the way we used to do things back in the day!  Tweaking airflow meters, installing resistors on sensors, pushing buttons on a keypad with a tiny one line LCD screen… all have virtually gone the way of the dinosaur.

These days, laptops and extremely powerful ECUs with ultra fast processors give us full control over all operating parameters, completely eliminating the trickery and band-aid fixes formerly necessary to coax additional performance out of an otherwise-stock car.  And man, it is a good thing.

These ECUs can provide outstanding power along with excellent driveability, fuel economy and reliability.  However, the ability for them to do so relies solely on the calibration within.  Fortunately, we have years of experience with the best aftermarket system for the Miata, specializing in tuning Megasquirt standalone engine management platforms.

Normally aspirated, supercharged, or turbo, we do it all.

All remote tunes have been developed on our in-house dyno and are very safe while making great power.

Datalog calibration is based on an exchange of emails; initially you provide us with information about your car’s specific setup.  We will send you an appropriate base map to upload to your ECU, and then the fun begins!

You drive the car around and send us a datalog of the session.  We then analyse the information in the log, make appropriate changes, and send you a revised map to upload.  This process continues until we are satisfied with the calibration; please note this can take a few days to complete.

Why do our tunes cost a little more?  It’s because we spend a lot of time addressing all of the little things that make the car drive like a normal car.  With a Megasquirt, there are numerous settings that need to be calibrated properly to achieve these results; cold start, afterstart enrichment and warmup, closed loop idle control, acceleration enrichments, and more… all of these contribute dramatically to the overall driving experience.  Simple power tuning alone is child’s play by comparison.

Also, YOU will be integral to the tuning experience.  Since we are tuning remotely and don’t have the luxury of having the car in front of us, there is a learning process that must be gone thru in order to achieve the best results.  Teaching you how to do this is included, so that you may better take control of your own car.

Normally aspirated  $495
Forced induction to 8 psi  $645
Forced induction to 15 psi  $795


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