MSPNP and DIYPNP IAT Sensor Kit – Aluminum Bung




MegaSquirtPNP and DIYPNP IAT Sensor Kit – Aluminum Bung

This is a simple kit to make it easier for you when removing your AFM/MAF when using a MegaSquirtPNP or DIYPNP. In many cases, the air temperature sensor is built into the MAF, so removing it will require you to install a IAT Sensor somewhere else in the inlet tubing. This kit gives you the bits you need to do that.

It includes:

  • Proper 3/8″ NPT Aluminum Bung and plug (weld on)
  • Open Element IAT Sensor, uncrimped with three pins (1 extra, just in case)
  • 8′ of wire (enough to place your sensor within 4′ of your AFM/MAF connector)
  • 3 male pins to fit your AFM connector (1 extra) (universal fit, they fit many AFM/MAF connectors. A weatherpack crimper works well to crimp these, or you can scrape by with pliers for an ugly ‘crimp’)

For removal of your AFM/MAF using this kit see your MSPNP Manual.


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