AIM Tuning/Shane is a tuning WIZARD.


I came to Shane with a horribly undrivable freshly turbo’d car. My other tuner loaded the wrong base map, my tables were terribly optimized, and the car was borderline undrivable on the street. Just terrible. I expressed my disappointment with some folks on, and received a message from Shane saying he could get my car sorted out. And boy did he.

One of the best things about getting your car tuned by AIM is Shane’s excellent ability to explain and teach you what he’s doing as you go. We started off getting the car sorted out to be able to drive on the street, and made gradual iterations to get drivability, boost control, and power to where I wanted it. Throughout the whole process, with each revision, Shane asks how the car feels & explains what he adjusted. With this, I now feel pretty comfortable going into TunerStudio and playing around with my settings as I see fit. But if I ever have any questions, I know I can shoot him an email and he’ll be right back with me.

My car truly drives like factory until you press the loud pedal. The drivability on street is DIVINE. But when you put your foot down, the car MOVES. The linearity of boost and power is stellar. My dyno guy even commented on how linear the car feels. Shane was able to get my car running great again, got me to where I wanted to be power wise, and set up extras like closed loop boost control, all while being prompt and uber friendly.

If you’re looking for a tuner who will get your car sorted, all while providing a fun and educational experience, look no further. When I get my engine built, I’ll be coming right back to AIM to get my car turned up to 11. Thanks as always!!

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