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I’d like to take this opportunity to give a huge shout out to Shane Benson of AIM Tuning for his tuning expertise, unwavering tenacity, diligence, patience, exemplary communication and his above-and-beyond attention to detail in setting up my family’s Exocet tune. His commitment to getting the job, and dome right, is second to none.

A quick back story; a few years ago, I purchased a very cosmetically-challenged 1999 anniversary Miata so I could teach my kids how to drive a stick. Once my children embraced the mechanics of driving a standard, and muscle memory became second nature, we decided to turn the Miata into something fun. Thus, the Exocet build was born. As one modification begat another, we decided to jump off the deep end and do our on EFI right down to building the harness. Although I had done EFI before, doing a stand-alone setup was quite the learning curve. With the basic setup complete and the car able to start and run, I reached out on a local forum for help with tuning. This is where Shane Benson answered the call. I’ll have to say, when Shane and I began this journey, I did not expect the level of attention to detail and commitment to the task that he put forth during this tune. With the Miata being so popular, I figured I would get something close to a canned tune and that would be that. I could never have been more wrong. First off, Shane sent us a very detailed spec sheet to fill out. Once this was done, Shane logged in remotely on my laptop and started working his magic with the tune. During the process, we hit a couple of snags here and there and worked through these with ease. Due to my work schedule as a pilot, completing the tune took several weeks. Shane commitment never wavered, his patience never ran lean. In fact, even though I know Shane was busy with other clients and family, he would treat me as though I were his most important customer.

Over the course of our working together on this project, Shane and I set up communication via email where I would do runs, log data and then send the data file to him to revise and send back to me. During the tuning process, I was fortunate enough to have Shane’s travels route him through my neck of the woods. Shane stopped by and he and I were able to take the car out for some hands-on tuning. Lots of fun and smiles as we were able to experience all the hard work, determination and dedication come into fruition.

If you’re looking for a tuner who will dedicate the time and commitment to needed to ‘do it right’, the I highly recommend Shane for the job.

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