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AIM Tuning offers specialized Miata Megasquirt tuning.  All work is performed remotely and to the client’s exact specifications.

Looking for a full tune?  No problem!  Street, autox, drift, track – NA, supercharged or turbo – we’ve got you covered.

Maybe you’re experiencing hard starting?  Unstable idle?  Driveability issues?  Poor performance?  AIM can transform your ill-mannered tune into a car that performs smoothly under all conditions.

Contact us today to get your car dialed in and running the way it is meant to!

I had a great experience and am glad I chose AIM Tuning

I definitely wanted a Miata specific tuning service when researching where to go.  It is a great learning experience to get the “well the car is doing X, so we will do Y to combat that”.  Shane was awesome with it the whole time.  I will be coming back to AIM in the future.  This is the place for your Miata too.

Ben Schroeder
1994 1.8 NA, MS2

I really learned a lot about my car; that alone was worth every bit of the process

I bought the car as-is, and I would probably have never found all the problems without your help; I would have given up and sold it eventually.  But now she drives sooo much better than before, and I can enjoy her for a long time.

I’m really happy with your expertise and the whole experience.   You’ve been very cool and helpful throughout this process.  I would recommend you to anyone looking for a tune; you know your stuff.


Brad Miller
2002 VVT turbo, MS3 Pro

Shane’s work and rapid response is amazing!

One of our teammates was welding on our chassis without removing the ECU connections and fried it.  Shane air-freighted a replacement MSPnP2 and re-tuned it remotely the day before our last race of the season.  SUPER JOB!

Joe Nazimek
1999 aspirated NB 1.8 ChampCar, MSPnP2

Wow, ferocious is a good term!

Shane has done a fantastic job remote tuning my turbo ’97 Miata. It’s clear he is a professional, my car is running flawlessly and is a total blast to drive.  It’s really quite amazing.  His attitude for perfection is clear in his work, and I am thrilled with how my car has turned out.

I was uncertain how well the remote tuning process would work when I began.  Having now completed the tune and comparing it to my friend’s car that has been tuned locally, it is apparent that this is the real deal.  Shane was a pleasure to work with, and he will certainly be my first choice for any future tuning work.  Thanks!

Matt Giroday
1997 NA turbo, MS3Pro

2020 Indianapolis ChampCar 10 Hour Enduro Winner!

AIM set up the Megasquirt tune on the Indy winning ChampCar Miata.  The car ran flawlessly all weekend – great power coupled with the required fuel efficiency to run hard for the entire 10 hour stint.  We couldn’t have asked for more!

They set up the tune on our 2021 car as well.  Again, big numbers, great driveability.  They know their stuff!

Dan Fargo - Narwhal Autosport
"Ugly Betty" - 1990 w/ aspirated NB 1.8, MSPnP2

Remote tuning with AIM is great!

Shane is very dedicated; he worked with me to figure out issues with the car and get it running perfectly.  I also love how he had me make some adjustments on my own so I could understand what we were tuning.  Response time is great, with revisions provided back to back at times.

Overall communication is excellent.  We got straight to business, but it was also good to get to know him on a personal level.  I feel that, at any time, if I have questions or problems I can go to him and he’d be more than happy to give his opinion and help as best he can.

Kevin Lenoce
1995 aspirated 1.8 w/mods; MSPnP2

I can’t believe you can send me a better car over the internet!

I had been avidly searching for the right tuning solution for my 2000 Miata turbo build.  Finding a top notch Miata Megasquirt tuner is tough and there was definitely nobody in my area.  I read about your remote tuning solution and immediately decided I would like to work with you.

This thing freakin’ RIPS!  LOVE what you guys are doing.  Keep it up!

Nick Stacy - Precision Drift, KC MO
2000 NB fully built street/drift 1.8 turbo; MSPnP2

Holy **** man, it’s a blast to drive!

It’s really amazing to watch how the tune on this car has evolved. The car is running flawlessly under all conditions, hasn’t missed a beat once, couldn’t be happier with it. Great gas mileage too, definitely running efficiently.

It’s everything I had hoped it would be under boost. This car is so damn fun now! I let my buddy, the guy I bought it from, take it for a spin and he about flipped! He wanted it back so bad LOL. Fast as hell and efficient, I love driving it!

David Jonaitis
1996 M Edition Turbo, street/auto-x; MS3Pro

I can’t wait to drive it again!

Shane did an amazing job tuning my car.  He was always quick to answer, always explained what he was changing and how it would affect the car.  He helped me troubleshoot all the issues I had and now my Miata runs better than ever and it’s faster than ever 🙂

I wouldn’t hesitate to contact him for any retuning in the future and have already recommended him to some Miata friends.

Andrew Brewer
1990 1.6 turbo, street/drift; MSPnP2

Up to speed!

Shane is a Megasquirt guru! I ran for several years with other cars configured exactly the same as mine, yet they consistently made more horsepower. One session with Shane and my car is now on par with the rest of my class.

Aaron Spiegel
1999 NASA Super Touring; MSPnP2

Just cruising or driving aggressively, it feels amazing!

I recently finished a build on my 95 Miata but I had no idea how to tune the Megasquirt ECU.  A quick search led me to AIM Tuning.  For way less money than my local dyno shop was going to charge, they were able to tune my car remotely by analyzing my datalogs and adjusting the tune.

AIM was able to fix all my idle and driveability issues, and they were patient and helpful when I had mechanical issues on my end.  My car runs great and if I ever add a supercharger I know who I’m gonna call.

Mike Albrecht
1995 aspirated/built 1.8 w/ heavy mods; MS3 Pro

Your efforts have been standard-setting throughout.

At the point I contacted you, I was about ten seconds from shipping the carcass out for a V8 swap, something as expensive as it is pointless in my eyes.

From the first email exchange, things started to improve, and there was never a moment when I thought the car would not be sorted.  Thank you for that.

Will Dyer
1991 normally aspirated 1.6; MSPnP2
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