OEM-like drivability


I posted in desperate need of some tuning help on a Facebook page and shortly after Shane reached out to me offering to help; willing to review and repair my tune. Within just an hour of a remote tuning session the car was running better than ever before, and while tuning Shane was informing and teaching me all the different functions of tuner studio and megasquirt. I now have a much better understanding of the software and how everything works. Shane was very responsive and instructive throughout the whole process and was able to correct any hiccups or drive ability issues very quickly and in just a few revisions. My car now starts up and drives just like the car would on a stock ecu, except making much more power. A lot of tuners can tune for power, but not many can tune for oem-like drivability. I would definitely use AIM Tuning again for any future projects or if I make any changes to the car such as forced induction.

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