The best process I’ve ever had having a car tuned


I was a little hesitant at first when starting out, but Shane took over the computer (via the internet) and got everything dialed in to get my car started safely and running well right off the bat. From there, coming off throttle and idle characteristics were squared away and then it was up to me to do some datalogging.  Sending the logs back and forth was easy, and revisions came in quickly to keep the process moving right along.

It wasn’t without issue though. Shane was able to identify some shortcomings with the car that prevented me pushing harder and I had a track day paid for and coming up quick!  Shane knew what to do, what I needed, and even helped me source the correct ignition system for my needs, quickly. ON A HOLIDAY WEEKEND! The car runs better than ever before, has more power, out performs similar set-ups, and I wouldn’t hesitate to drive the car anywhere. If you’re looking for the tune to be done once, correctly, and by someone who cares about you and your car the same way you do, look nowhere else. I am so grateful for the over the top help and expertise that Shane and AIM Tuning has provided. They have a customer for life.

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