The pinnacle of remote tuning


I started off self tuning and needed some help. Shane got me sorted quickly and was happy to work through the issues, one of which was a bad component in the MS3 vRef circuit. He figured out something was up pretty quick – even MS3 support said it was so subtle most wouldn’t have caught it or bothered. Shane did, and continued to be undeterred by the strange stuff we encountered in my setup.

We moved forward quickly after that and I learned a ton along the way. He was always happy to share his experience, explain the process and details of how stuff works. The car rips with all the might of 142whp on E85!

Having trouble months later with a cold start the first time it really gets cold? Say hi and send a log, he’ll sort it out or point you in the right direction. If you want remote tuning, Shane is your guy!

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